Preceptor Search
I have spoken about this before but I wanted to start a conversation on the forums. Here is some backstory. I am a cath lab technologist registered in radiography ARRT(R). I have always wanted to Go to school as an RA but finding a preceptor has been near impossible. There are serious productivity problems in my cath lab  and will be slowly doing PRN work in IR this will be my first time working in the department it's exciting. The Radiologists and techs are not keen on the RA idea, but hopefully I can utilize my low productivity to learn a lot more about the radiologists and network more.  I just wanted to start a conversation for others who are stuck like me to speak up

Marcelene forbus
Conversation is where it all starts.  Keep having them.  You might have some discouragement along the way, look beyond those comments.  Present them the facts on the profession (education, state numbers, state legislation) and really get in there and learn.  Once you keep putting yourself out there and the Radiologist see what your capable of, many times they are willing to precept you just simply out of helping you grow in the industry.  We (Marcelene and Reece) are always available to help provide you with any guidance you might need along the way.
Agree with Marcelene, keep having those conversations. Many rads don’t know what an RA can bring to the table until they get to work with one. Many many RA’s have kept banging on the door until they were let in then once they were in they realized wow this is awesome. Let’s hire more! Don’t give up and keep learning, educating the staff on what you could bring to the forefront for them.