What is a Radiologist Assistant (RA)?

A Radiologist Assistant (RA) is a Radiologic Technologist (RT) who advanced their education and received additional certifications as a Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA) and/or Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA).

We serve our departments and patients as a radiologist extender who has been specifically trained in radiation protection, image guided procedures, imaging pathologies, and much more! This gives a unique patient experience while taking advantage of our medical imaging background, better serving the entire radiology department.

What is MARCA (Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act)

MARCA is a national bill that would serve to recognize the "Radiologist Assistant" (RRA/RPA) to perform procedures "incident to" the radiologist in the facility settings that offer image guided procedures.

By CMS rules a Radiologist Assistant (RA) falls under the definition as "auxiliary staff". In 2003 CMS defined that "auxiliary staff" cannot perform "incident to" a physician in the inpatient setting.

MARCA serves as a pathway to recognize the RA as "auxiliary staff" who would be recognized as able to perform procedures "incident to" a radiologist in facility settings. These services are then billed by the supervising radiologist at a rate of 85%.

Who can support MARCA

Any and everyone! It's simple...

Click the link below and send a letter of support through the ASRT website to your state representatives! We encourage everyone you know to join our cause!


Do RA's offer final reports?


State legislation and our governing bodies (ASRT, ARRT, and CBRPA) doesn't allow the RA professionals to provide final imaging reports. They can ONLY provide "initial observations" to their supervising radiologist as per ASRT and CBRPA guidelines.

Still have questions?

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