Looking For Employment
Marcelene forbus
When you are seeking out a job, what are some of the things that come to mind that during the interview process make or break it for you?  Is it the pay, maybe the environment, sign on bonus?  What is the single most important to you during that interview to know?
Marcelene forbus
For me, it is management style.  I need structure and well run programs.  Dont confuse structure with micromanaging though.  I need to make sure we all know what is expected of us and that there is a solid (and fair) foundation.  I have found that makes for a great team and work environment.  That's one of my first questions I ask, "What is your management style?"
I am actually in the process of transitioning from education back to a clinical position. Below are the criteria I used to evaluate offers during my search.

  • Location - cost of living, things to do, political climate i.e. DEI (specifically the availability of evidence-based gender affirming care for trans youth)
  • Compensation - base pay, bonuses, overtime, PTO/sick leave, retirement, and health benefits.
  • Scheduling - weekends, call, holidays, travel required/allowed.
  • Company culture and management style - career development opportunities, leadership style, mission/vision, and impact.
Marcelene forbus
I would have to agree that if you moving to another city or state, making sure you like the town your moving too.  Interviewed at one place, loved the people, loved the place, loved the pay, was not a fan of the town.  I just couldn't see myself living there long term and being happy outside of the work environment.

Being an RA, opportunities are often not close to "home" so that is a HUGE factor as well. What does travel look like when you want to see your family.