Changes You Want To See
Marcelene forbus
What are some of the changes in the profession that you want to see?  How can we start working together to make those changes and have you openly discussed these changes to see if others relate?
Marcelene forbus
There are so many myths that exist about many aspects of medical imaging.  Growing that stronger voice and having that unity I think is a key aspect to heightening all of our profession.  It is easier to stand together when you know what your representing!

For me, obviously, this is key to better recognition of the Radiologist Assistant profession. Openly discussing some of the myths about the profession and engaging in heightened learning of value this pathway brings to the Medical Imaging profession as a whole.

So what are some things that maybe I am not knowledgable of that impact your pathway?

What i would like to see is more promoting of the RA from our RT educational programs. I think if more students were aware of this pathway we would have more support as well as being able to fill the current job openings.
Marcelene forbus
We couldn't agree more and this will be discussed at our upcoming RA Roundtable podcast.  Our profession is only going to be as strong as it's foundation, that foundation starts at the basics and is defiantly in the education of our RT students for support in the growth of the profession!!!  We are going to work on better educating our RT programs on the importance of future technologist knowing the ways in which they can progress in their careers!  All options should be available to them!
I would like to also see more ra programs so techs can pursue the profession. There are a lot of great opportunities out there but not enough RA applications. That’s a problem that we somehow also need to fix.