Applying this Year!
I have been struggling a lot recently and I still kind of am, But I am confident this fall I will give up everything and apply for an RRA program! I have 1 Year experience working as an Xray tech,  1 year experience modeling Coronary arteries from CT's and 1 year experience as a Cath Tech. I have been lost whether to shoot for PA or RA But I feel RA is the best choose for me and my family.  I just wanted to announce to the community that soon I won't have to be in the sidelines listening, but that I may be a part of the RA crew. It's going to be an incredibly hard process, but I feel it's something I need to do to better my life and my career! 
Marcelene forbus
Wishing you all the luck in the world as you take the same leap of faith that many of us have.  Continuing your education is always a hard decision to come to, especially as life is always getting in the way.  Trust me, in the thick of it, it will feel almost like it is too over whelming and you are oddly out of place...this will pass.  Stay steady to the course and focus on your goals.  Pay no mind to discouragement and nurture the encouragement!  Any support you may be lacking, we are here to offer!  Keep us updated often on how it is progressing.  Now is the perfect time to enter the industry, we all need the help!
Congrats and welcome. We need all the manpower we can get. Please reach out at anytime for help with anything. We are growing and we aren’t stopping now!